What We Do

Worldwide Network

With over 200 scouts in key areas across the globe, the Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network is able to collect both quantitative and qualitative data on thousands of players for whom that data is not always readily available.

Access to Data

When you sign up for our services, you'll receive full access to our comprehensive data analytics platform which allows for easy organization, player comparisons, visualizations of performance, and much more.

Video Scouting

In addition to collecting statistics, our scouts also upload videos of players to our platform, which makes it easy for you to get a complete scouting report on players thousands of miles away.

Our network of scouts is rapidly expanding, allowing us to bring information on thousands of players around the country to our platform. Our scouts exist not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Latin America & Asia. When you sign up for our services, you gain full access to this data at your fingertips.


Our data analytics platform, built by Kinduct, allows for your coaches, scouts, and front office staff to easily interact with our database. You can create reports of just about any kind – column charts, line graphs, pie charts, multi series charts, maps, area charts, scatter plots, simple table views, etc. and add these reports for beautiful dashboards. When you sign up for our services, we’re able to work with you to create these customized reports and dashboards so that you can obtain a competitive advantage in scouting your future players.

Our Team

Justin Volman

Justin Volman

CEO & Founder

Justin founded CBBSN in 2016 and has grown the network globally, with the vision of revolutionizing the scouting process through data analytics.

Jason Rubenstein

Jason Rubenstein

VP & Director of Analytics

As VP and Director of Analytics, Jason has propelled CBBSN's analytics group to deliver innovative tools for teams across the country.

Colton Hower

Colton Hower

Head of Content

Colton is leading our writers to provide written analysis on players around the globe.

Kurt Ascetta

Kurt Ascetta

West Coast Scouting Director

Kurt leads our team of scouts to find and analyze talented players on the west coast.

Richard Birfer

Richard Birfer

East Coast Scouting Director

Richard leads our team of scouts to find and analyze talented players on the east coast.

Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes

International Scouting Director

Nick leads our team of scouts outside the U.S. to find and analyze talented players.

What Our Clients Say

Anonymous MLB Executive:

" Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network has been a great extension of our existing scouting staff. They enable us to increase our breadth and depth of coverage beyond what would be possible with our internal Scouting Staff. The video and reports they provide are very valuable to our draft preparation. We look forward to a continued and expanding relationship with them. "

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