Ep #11- Potato Guns

This week we sit down with Head Coach of TCS Post Grad Jeff Robinson. We Talk Arkadelphia, TCS Post Grad and Potato Guns!

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Ep #8- JuCo Fork Yeah

This Week we sit Down with Eric Sim, a Former Juco route guy who played in the minors and is now a bartendor. Also he is a pretty awesome Twitter Follow @esim3400.

Also this week I some way to early World Series Favorites, Commits, ect.

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Ep #5- The Grill Master Himself

This week we sit down with Clay Cox the Head Coach of Paris Junior College. We talk Character, Grilling and Bald heads. This week their is a co-host aka my 3 year old son who kept poking me in the buns as he calls it haha . enjoy.

Clay Cox twitter is @CoachCox19

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