Ep #5- The Grill Master Himself

This week we sit down with Clay Cox the Head Coach of Paris Junior College. We talk Character, Grilling and Bald heads. This week their is a co-host aka my 3 year old son who kept poking me in the buns as he calls it haha . enjoy.

Clay Cox twitter is @CoachCox19

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Ep #4- Cam Newton Wasn’t All That in College

This week we sit down with the Head Coach of Blinn College Harvey Mcintyre. We talk about Life, Baseball, the #JuCoRoute, and Cam Newton. If you dont all ready Follow his team at @BlinnBaseball.

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Episode #3- Britt Smith Hates Cold Weather

This Week we sit down with National Scouting Supervisor Brian Sakowski. We talk about Top Prospects, His Background, ect. Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter at @B_Sakowski_PG.

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